Thursday, October 11, 2012

Understanding Their Benefits And Drawbacks

The rise of the video sharing websites has paved the way for people across the globe to be connected in a more personal way. More so, it continues to promote easy communication, learning and marketing of businesses. These activities occur even more frequently with the existence of social networking websites which also allow quick advertisement of all kinds of clips.
More specifically, educators and lecturers are one of those who have benefited a lot from this phenomenon. They found this as a quick way to showcase their skills and enlighten researchers too. Since the generation of today is leaning towards online learning, teachers are utilizing videos to come up with more interesting lessons. In connection to that, video sharing websites provided unlimited access for students who desire to learn from varied educational clips over and over.
Entrepreneurs comprise the other group of people who continue to benefit from websites where online clips are shared. Obviously, presentations and promotions of different products and services were able to reach a lot of people because of these websites. In this light, businessmen of different niches are able to make their online presence felt with less effort and in no time.
The above-mentioned are definitely great advantages to look forward too. However, there are disadvantages too which internet users must guard against. Privacy is one element that may be violated by these websites. Remember that when you post a personal or business clip online, it will be in the cyberspace forever and it can be shared anytime by anyone. And so, think many times before you upload any of your personal clips. Perhaps, it is advertisement videos that you are uploading. Ensure that their content is protected in every way you can.
If your business involves original films, piracy would be one of the greatest problems you will encounter online. Stolen content is rampant online as many people are downloading videos from paid websites but you would never know who among them are making money from unauthorized reselling of these films. In that case, you can prod the platform websites to take down the content. The same legal action may be done for private clips which have been viewed publicly. Despite this fact, great exposure can also be achieved in the same way most especially if you are a maker of independent films and you simply depend on the number of shares viewers make for the popularity of your film.
Although the disadvantages of video sharing websites are quite alarming, its advantages will surely influence its continued existence especially now that people long to be connected with each other online the quickest and most personal way. Common interests shared and new friends found are just a couple of the amazing things websites of this type advocate. Moving forward, they help disseminate educational and informational content to concerned internet users. Lastly, they have changed the way advertisements are presented. Gone are the days when products and services are marketed through typical commercials. Now, they are promoted through interesting and inspiring stories.

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